When I walked into the Wynn last week I had forgotten my players card. As they were printing me a new one the guys said, do you have status at some other casino? I was keen to get to my tournament and brushed him off. But when a friend pointed out the offers I realized I should have been paying more attention. There appear to be multiple matching offers across various operators right now and it could potentially benefit you this summer.

Hopefully folks with more experience with the offers than me will jump in the comments but for now let me share what I’m seeing wrt my own situation. As a poker player I don’t have much status to shout about but I do have Platinum at Caesars at least through the end of this year. The main benefit of Platinum at Caesars is the free parking, but I might be able to use this status to get some interesting matches this summer.

The Wynn is running this promotion till the end of May so I will probably just catch it (and I’m a dummy for not just doing it when the guy offered it to me)


My understanding is that this would make me Platinum at Wynn based on my Caesars status.

But then there is this offer from MGM


I suspect this means that I can take my new Platinum status at Wynn and get Gold at MGM, at least through the summer. That could prove handy for free parking but for folks who are staying at one of the myriad MGM properties I think you might get your resort fees waved and possibly a room upgrade. It’s at least worth inquiring. There appears some way to extend these benefits beyond the summer but I didn’t read all the fine print of this “challenge”. If you understand it please share.

This all probably means that there are other matches I’m not even aware of and maybe some opportunity to play one operator against the other

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