TT < AK aipf on the first hand. A somewhat nuanced spot so I’ll share it. Very first hand, capable EP player w chips opens, folds to me in the bb w TT and just over 30bb so this would be a big jam. 99/88 I flat. TT from the small blind is definitely a theoretical shove. From BB flatting is probably also ok but will be very hard to play post oop.

Theoretically this is a fine shove the question is whether main event or first hand etc should make us lean one way or another. Players probably open EP a bit tight on the first hand but they also probably fold to jams overly tight on first hand. I’m going to get a ton of fold equity from hands like KQ, AQ, AJ that will likely outplay me in position post flop.

Shoving is the fearless play and getting called by AK not a disaster. Heads we double and are a force, tails we know we weren’t scurrrd and we get them next time.

GG WSOP 2023

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