A super interesting hand happens early in the episode between Jason Koon and David Williams. You can find the hand here.

Jason opens the Ks8c and David defends Th8d and they see a flop of Ad8s6c. Jason cbets and David Calls. Turn is 5s and it goes check check. So far it’s pretty standard. River is the 4s and David makes a healthy bet. After pondering for some time Jason makes a great call and the editors treat us to his explanation about the hand obviously recorded at some later time. 

The most interesting part of his explanation is that he felt that David’s sizing was big enough that it implied he was representing a straight or better rather than an Ax or even two pair type hand (when there is a one card straight possible you usually don’t see a hand that isn’t the straight bet big for value). He held the king of spades so this was a small but relevant factor in that it made backing into spades a slightly less likely scenario for David (King high spades is the kind of no pair hand that would continue on the flop). He explains that he read David for someone who would turn into bluffs a hand that was a weak one pair hand on the flop but didn’t improve and probably wouldn’t win at showdown. If that read is right that’s a fair number of hand combinations that will bluff. So if his reads are all right and if he discounts spades a little then the hands he most fears are 7x and there’s certainly a few of those hands that would call flop like 75, 76, 78, 79, 7T. But if his read about which hands will bluff there is also correct that’s definitely enough of those combos that his call becomes profitable. He adds that he has some live tell suspicions also. 

I love this hand because it is all the things a top player can do rolled into one. 

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