The 50th World Series of Poker is around the corner so it’s time to start planning. I know some of you are regular attendees but some of you may think it’s not for you. You are wrong.

If you love poker then you should go, it’s as simple as that. I think the thing that many poker enthusiasts who have never been don’t realize is that regardless of your level or budget there is something there for you. Think of it more as a pilgrimage than a competition. You just have to be a bit sensible and think about what you are going for and plan accordingly. If you have questions ask me.

Poker explodes in Vegas during the series. It’s not just a matter of the tournaments at the Rio. Demand surges and all the poker rooms have action. Many of the rooms plan a tournament series parallel to the WSOP with smaller buyins. There is something for everyone just be disciplined and stick to the plan you set out for yourself. Just because your friend sits down in a 5/10nl cash game or buys into a big tournament doesn’t mean you should. Stick to the same stakes you are used to.

You don’t have to play in a bracelet event to experience the WSOP atmosphere at the Rio. There are cash games, single table sit and goes and daily non-bracelet tournaments all in those same rooms. If you do plan on playing a bracelet event spend some time figuring out if it has more than one flight and if so whether your budget would accommodate re-entries. Don’t be working that stuff out on the fly, have a plan and stick to it. E.g. a tournament like the Colossus has a more modest buyin but the structure is not great so if you only have a budget that accommodates one entry you might feel unsatisfied with your WSOP experience. For example, you may be better off playing several lower buyin daily tournaments instead. This year there is even a rake free bracelet event. According to Caesars the first flight you play in the Big 50 tournament won’t be raked. I’m pretty nitty so I like the sound of that.

If you have questions about it or what events it makes sense to play don’t hesitate to ask me. If you want to keep in touch join my email list. I hope to see you all down there.

All the best – H

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