By far the best new learning tool out there is watching episodes from the new Global Poker League. They archive their past episodes and its free. If you haven’t heard about this league its a new poker league with some of the top players in the game right now. There’s a few household names like Chris Moneymaker and Todd Brunson but the real appeal of this league is getting to watch some of the guys that have been at the top of the game for the last 10 years. The league contains top top talent, from folks like Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier and Justin Bonomo to the new generation of wiz kids like Fedor Holz, Tom Marchese etc.

For example, check out this super entertaining hand between Anthony Zinno and Tom Marchese. The hand in question comes at the 1:49:24 mark.


You get to watch these players battle it out with all hole cards exposed (its on a 10 min delay). Two of the players are on a webcam at any given time and often times share some deep insights into what they are thinking about the hand and their opponents tendencies. It varies from match to match how good of a learning tool it is but some of the stuff is pure gold. In particular some of the heads up matches are really amazing to watch.



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