I’ve witness some odd things at the poker table. File this one under “Poker Weird”.

I’m in an action packed 5/5 Pot Limit Omaha game and this lady is playing every hand to the river and has been for over an hour. She did a few rebuys and now has built up a massive stack. Nobody wants her to go anywhere when suddenly she declares, “this thing in my ear is driving me crazy”.

It turns out that for over an hour the little rubber cover from her earbud head phones got detached and has been firmly lodged inside her ear. She has been playing this way for over an hour, with a foreign object lost deep in her ear. It finally gets too much for her and she asks if someone will help get it out of her ear. Initially nobody is too enthusiastic until they realize that she might quit the game to take care of it. This is where it gets really weird.

Someone takes a look and they can see it but it is definitely too far in to extract with fingers. Somebody volunteers the following tool but isn’t prepared to use it on her.


Another player says, “hey, I’ll do it”. The game is paused while the lady leans over the poker table and rests her head on the felt. This random guy who she has never met reaches into her ear with it and deftly extracts the offensive object. Everyone is delighted. Action resumes.

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