I sat in a game once with a guy who had an unusual card protector. On his cards was resting a small glass-like ball reminiscent of a snow globe. From a distance you couldn’t really make out what was inside but it looked odd and any curious person would ask. This is exactly how you fell into the trap being set by this guy. One by one, every innocent, curious person who sat at the table would ask, “hey, what’s your card protector?” The guy wouldn’t miss a beat. He would pick up his card protector and toss it to you. You didn’t have a choice, you had to catch it. Once you caught it and looked at it closely, you realized it had to be something sinister. The object inside was flesh-like but had dark marks on it, almost as if it was rotting. While holding it the victim would reluctantly say something like, “looks like… err.. someone’s finger”. With a big grin, the guy across the table would hold up his hand in delight showing four fingers. abstract-1239320_640

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