During day 1 of WSOP event#6 I played the following interesting hand against Justin Young. He had already 3-bet several of my late position opens establishing a dynamic between us. This time I opened from the cutoff position with Ac3d and he opted to call my raise. The big blind came along and the three of us saw the following flop: 7s-6c-2d

The big blind checked, and with three way action and a flop that neither hit my actual hand nor would it likely hit the range of hands i’m representing I opted to check. I expected Justin to stab a lot of the time, but he chose to check.

On the turn was the 6h so the board now reads: (7s-6c-2d) 6h  Again it goes check check at which point Justin now bets and the guy in the big blind folds. Now what value hands can he have? He’s the kind of guy that would have bet any 6, any 7 and probably even hands like A2, when checked to him on the flop. I felt like complete air hand combos like qj were a big part of what he might check the flop. When checked to him again on the turn he might not be able to resist stabbing at it at least once. Also, I discounted some big ace high hands because they would be relatively obvious 3-betting hands pre-flop.

I called and river was the 8s, so the board now reads : (7s-6c-2d-6h) 8s. I checked and he made a sizable bet. I was convinced he had mostly bluffs. The 8 was just not a card that could make many of his hands that would check back the flop. Hands like 85 and 89 would surely bet the flop given his aggro tendencies.

I mustered a call and he showed down AT for a higher ace high. Sometimes they bluff with the winning hand.

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