Another interesting hero call situation from early in day 1 of WSOP#29. I had opened for a raise to 250 at the 50/100 blind level holding 8s8c in middle position. I got two callers behind me and one caller in the blinds. The four of us saw a flop of Kc-7d-5d.

I only had a stack of about 6000, and given 4 way action I opted not to follow through. The blind checked to me, I checked and both players behind me also checked. Turn was 2s so now the board reads : (Kc-7d-5d) 2s

The blind fired 700 of his short stack of 3200 or so. Now my 88 stood a very good chance of being ahead of the players behind me who had opted not to stab at the pot when given the opportunity. So the question was, could the blind be stabbing at the pot with a hand worse than 88? The player in question was a pro and I had seen him make one bluff earlier that I thought wasn’t particularly well timed. He seemed like he would bet out with any pair or draw after the weakness the rest of us showed. He obviously could have a king but some of his Kx hands will bet out the flop and some of his better kx hands like kq, ak and some kj might opt to squeeze preflop (he was definitely capable of that). All this led me to the decision to call w 88, confirm the players behind me were going to fold and then decide on river. The players behind dutifully folded. The river brought the Ac. The board now reads : (Kc-7d-5d-2s) Ac

The player in the blind followed through on the river and bet all-in for his  remaining 2500. Losing this pot was going to leave me with a measly 3k in chips so I certainly was not excited to call. However, the river all-in on the ace was suspicious. A weak Kx hand might not be thrilled to jam there and short of having a hand like A6s there’s not many value hands excited to get it in there. Some ace high flush draw hands might have bet out on the flop slightly reducing the chance of the nut flush draw that hit the ace. On the flip side, any draw or weak pair hand that might have bet the turn now realizes it cannot win at showdown and may feel obligated to bluff. This definitely fit the tendencies I had seen earlier. If he had correctly read my hand for what it was the Ace was going to give added incentive to bluff.

I decided there were enough factors indicating a lot of bluff combos and I called. He showed 94dd and didn’t even stick around to see what I looked him up with.

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