If you love poker you have to watch these two hands. This is a heads up match between Phil Galfond and Jonathan Little in week 12 of the Global Poker League. Let me just say that I have personal experience playing against and getting coaching from Jonathan Little. The guy is the real deal, a great teacher and a deep thinker in the game. So to have a player of that caliber get soul read in the way you will see in these hands is really something.


Ok, that’s pretty sick. If that’s not sick enough for you enjoy…

Wow! It delights me that he describes it as a tight “seeming” fold. What he means is that to us mere mortals it will seem tight but he doesn’t really think so in the context of defending against an overbet jam. Like he says, in that context the nut flush is not that high up in his range and he is not holding any full house blockers. It makes sense, but holy ****. What amazes me about these hands is that Galfond doesn’t even appear to be particularly conflicted in his decision. He is so completely confident in his analysis that he is very comfortable that this is what he needs to do. He also is not preoccupied with whether he chose correctly from a results stand point. He just breaks it down, follows the logic of the analysis and picks the play. The fact that the choice in both cases is extreme doesn’t really matter that much.

A lesser player than Jonathan would be completely tilted by these two hands but to his credit he keeps his composure and keeps battling. Plenty we can learn from both these guys.

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