In a raised pot that goes 4 ways with Walter Treccarichi defending his BB with KTos a really interesting situation comes up. Brian Rast flops a set and bets into 3 players while Walter flops top pair and calls. They see the turn heads up and Walter picks up an open ender to go along with top pair. I don’t know a ton of players who don’t call here but when Rast bets close to pot Walter thinks this through and folds, why?

You can massively discount any bluffs even from an aggressive player like Brian Rast. It is very uncommon for someone to bluff into 3 players on a board that would be likely to connect with at least two of them (the preflop raiser checked and can be largely discounted).

Rast’s value hands that bet flop and turn are likely to be 2 pair +. More importantly, Walter is out of position and so calling the large turn bet for his straight outs when he is unlikely to get paid off when he hits is not a great idea. And even if he is ahead occasionally with his top pair (e.g. against a hand like QTs) he will almost certainly get bluffed on the river and will probably have to fold given how many value hands Rast has in his range. I’m guessing that in position Walter would often call the turn instead of folding.

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